About i-4

i-4 a community for CISOs and cyber security leaders to aid their professional development

Since its launch in 1986, i-4 (International Information Integrity Institute) has consistently strived to be the world’s leading forum for senior information security professionals. It is at the forefront of the industry, pushing the boundaries on thought leadership, collaboration and innovation through interaction and exchanging ideas with other global organizations.

i-4 brings together some of the leading minds in the world of information security and risk to help its members stay one step ahead of the big issues. Many members hold senior roles within large, global organizations across a diverse range of industries, with a common dependence upon IT along with sophisticated risk management and security operations. Others work as specialist practitioners.

The fundamental ethos of the i-4 concept is trust, collaboration, participation, contribution and the willingness to share not only the extensive experience of its membership community but also their valuable intellectual property. Confidentiality is at our core and i-4 endeavours at all times to ensure our members operate to these values. i-4 maintains a strict no sales, no marketing rule. 

i-4 is a global forum with a difference, enabling members to tap into the latest thinking and anticipate emerging trends before they can impact their organizations. Members are able to separate the facts from the scare stories and get more from their investment in security. It offers the opportunity to benchmark amongst peer organisations helps organisations to understand how prepared they are, or indeed should be; often a key question in the boardroom.