i-4 a select global membership

Since its launch in 1986, i-4 (International Information Integrity Institute) has consistently strived to be the world’s leading forum for senior information security professionals. It is at the forefront of the industry, pushing the boundaries on thought leadership, collaboration and innovation through interaction and exchanging ideas with other global organizations.

i-4 brings together some of the leading minds in the world of information security and risk to help its members stay one step ahead of the big issues. Many members hold senior roles within large, global organizations across a diverse range of industries, with a common dependence upon IT along with sophisticated risk management and security operations. Others work as specialist practitioners.

The fundamental ethos of the i-4 concept is trust, collaboration, participation, contribution and the willingness to share not only the extensive experience of its membership community but also their valuable intellectual property. Confidentiality is at our core and i-4 endeavours at all times to ensure our members operate to these values.

i-4 is a global forum with a difference, enabling members to tap into the latest thinking and anticipate emerging trends before they can impact their organizations. Members are able to separate the facts from the scare stories and get more from their investment in security. It offers the opportunity to benchmark amongst peer organisations helps organisations to understand how prepared they are, or indeed should be; often a key question in the boardroom.

The i-4 team provides a number of valuable services:

  • We enable collaboration with other members to access their extensive experience to help address identified issues and help anticipate emerging trends
  • We empower i-4 to members by providing knowledge products such as the output of forums, collaboration groups, research or other useful insights
  • We carry out activities such as helping organizations to benchmark themselves as well as with research into new methodologies and technologies 
  • We raise critical issues and share the latest findings from around the information security and risk worlds, keeping our members in touch with up-to-date thought leadership on security matters.

An emphasis upon trust and confidentiality

The whole ethos of i-4 is one of trust, where members foster relationships with each other and discuss confidential issues in a very secure environment. As you’d expect, extensive precautions are taken to protect the security of information and discussions, with all members and other contributors signing non-disclosure agreements. 

Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor i-4 Sponsoring Partner paul.taylor@kpmg.co.uk

Joining KPMG in the UK as a partner in 2014, Paul is currently working at board level with a number of global retail and investment banks to address their cyber and information protection challenges. Prior to joining KPMG, Paul has led the delivery of some of the most demanding national security programmes in the UK, operating at the very highest levels of government. He is uniquely qualified to understand the evolving threat environment, as well as having an exceptional track record of driving and delivering change in complex organisations. Paul's contribution to the world of science technology was recognised by his election as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2013.

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Kevin Williams Head of i-4 team kevin.williams1@kpmg.co.uk

Kevin joined KPMG in July 2017 as the Head of i-4 and brought with him more than 25 years of experience in UK law enforcement and cyber security. He started with the Metropolitan Police Service, later joining the National Crime Agency, before working in the cyber security commercial and not-for-profit sectors with Team Cymru, the US threat intelligence company. Between 2008 and 2015 Kevin was instrumental in the development of national cyber crime capability for UK law enforcement. He was the lead law enforcement advisor to UK Government for the creation of the cyber response to the London 2012 Olympic Games, for which he received an Assistant Commissioner's commendation. In 2017, Kevin assisted the Mayor of London’s effort to help small and medium businesses develop their digital defences and growth through the work of the London Digital Security Centre.

M Roach 4 Meres

Matthew Roach Content Manager Matthew.roach2@kpmg.co.uk

Matthew began my career with the Metropolitan Police Service, later joining the Serious and Organised Crime Agency and latterly the National Crime Agency. He led the National Cyber Crime Unit's Tactical Industry Partnerships Team to many operational successes. He managed several high profile, sensitive and time-critical cybercrime and data breach incidents. During his service, he received commendations from both Crown Court Judges and the Agency's Director-General. More recently, He have managed cybercrime and fraud teams within the telecoms sector and created cyber threat intelligence managed services within the private sector.

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Darren Brind i-4 Events and Projects Assistant darren.brind@kpmg.co.uk

Darren Brind joined the KPMG Cyber Security Team in 2016 to support the Head of Sectors together with his direct reports. Experienced in event and project management he has supported the i-4 Team with projects including rebranding and co-chairing Threat Intel Exchange calls and webinars, coordinating member queries and organising Forums, Regional and Roundtable events. Darren continues to enjoy working in Cyber Security and contributing to the success of the i-4 team.

Goulding, Marissa (med Res)

Marissa Goulding i-4 Events Manager marissa.goulding@kpmg.co.uk

Marissa is the i-4 Events Manager and has been with the programme for more than fifteen years. Regardless of the question or help needed, for participants in i-4 events she is the point of contact and coordination for speakers, session chairs and of course i-4 Members. Marissa’s knowledge of i-4 and how to make an event run effectively are central to i-4 Forums and other meetings delivering real value to the i-4 Membership.

Joanna Ward 1

Joanna Ward i-4 Finance and Events Assistant Joanna.Ward@kpmg.co.uk

Jo has been with KPMG since 2011 and has been with i-4 nearly 3 months. Prior to this she was in the Large Corporates Indirect Tax team and the Resourcing team. Jo is currently assisting on all aspects of i-4 including risk management, event logistics, and supporting current and potential Members. Jo is a first port of call for any Member support queries.


David Morgan Senior i-4 Advisor davidmorgan@securityriskconsulting.com

David is a recognized and respected thought leader in the security and risk management industry with over 25 years experience focusing on information security, fraud prevention, business continuity and physical/personal security. Prior to moving into consultancy and training & development, David held a number of Board level executive roles including Lloyds TSB (Chief Security Officer), ING Group (Global Head of Information Risk Management & CISO) and Barclays (Group IT Risk & Security Director). He has a proven track record in delivering strategic and organizational change within large complex organizations. David has provided strategic consulting services and interim management to a variety of blue chip organizations in Financial Services, Energy, Telecoms and High Tech sectors. In addition, he has run numerous leadership development groups and security master classes for large multinational companies. He was an active i-4 member for many years, having attended his first meeting in 1995. David is also a Director and co-founder of Security Faculty.

Paul Head And Shoulders 2016

Paul Dorey Senior i-4 Advisor paul.dorey@csoconfidential.com

An acknowledged thought leader in security, Paul has over 25 years of experience as a security and risk executive at Morgan Grenfell/Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, and BP. He has received several awards including Chief Security Officer of the Year, IT Security Executive of the Year, and IT Security Hall of Fame. His involvement with I-4 goes back to the late 1980s including a period on the Membership Advisory Committee (MAC). He is a Visiting Professor in Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London and is a director of CSO Confidential. In addition to his speaking and lecturing activities he helps companies and government departments in building their information security strategies, risk governance and metrics including acting in interim CISO roles and supporting CISOs in developing their functions.

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Montana Narrsingh i-4 Events and Projects Assistant montana.narrsingh@kpmg.co.uk

Montana joined the KPMG Cyber Security team in 2014 where she worked in the Bid and Knowledge Management team. Some of her responsibilities were maintaining Cyber Security’s Knowledge Management portal, bid materials, methodologies and approaches. She also assisted the teams on high value/high risk opportunities. Montana is currently assisting on all aspects of i-4 including content, research and supporting current and potential Members. Montana is a first port of call for any Member support queries.